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Cutting Room Rug

by Arms of Kismet

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If Arms of Kismet's 2004 debut, Eponymous, was a heartfelt affirmation, then Cutting Room Rug is its prankster twin, fusing parodic rants with tragic laments in a playful cocktail of satire and sincerity. From the mischievous "Clover" to the ominous "Coil," the album is a dark joyride, careening from track to track like a condemned man in a funhouse. Its inhabitants can only cry at weddings, can only laugh at funerals.

Split into three "acts," it attacks with guitars, hooks, and dancebeats, wooing the listener with sugary, stuck-in-your-head melodies and fractured lyrics. It sketches a perilous, chaotic world begging for a skip and a chuckle.

Cutting Room Rug was written and produced by Mark Doyon, mastered by Jon Astley (Tori Amos, George Harrison, Pete Townshend), and released by Wampus Multimedia.


"Witty, idiosyncratic indie-rock that is to a band like Maroon 5 what a film like Sideways is to one like Miss Congeniality 2.... Zealously off-center, moderately acidic, daringly intellectual and vastly entertaining.... These are songs to not just listen to, but explore, a series of musical masks donned by an artist with keen insight and an outsized sense of playfulness." --Jason Warburg, The Daily Vault

"This disc just sucks you in with its unabashed joy.... Cutting Room Rug is one of those albums that your hipster friends will swear by and which you will inevitably discover by accident about three years from now. Save everyone the lag time and buy the disc now. That decision will make you cooler than you have any right to be. Rating: A." --Groovevolt

"Arms of Kismet features the genius of Mark Doyon. This stuff is so good that it almost defies explanation. On the surface, it's great power pop. A little below the surface is a whole other species of musical madness." -- Mike Perazzetti, The Fevered Brain of Radio Mike

"Full of quirky, off-center, witty tunes about everything from returning to the childhood neighborhood to just listening. With Arms of Kismet you get those same 'what the hell did he just say?' and 'what the hell does that mean?' feelings you get when listening to Dylan or Lou Reed. This is some pretty heady stuff but it's fun all the same." --J.R. Oliver, Ear Candy


released April 29, 2005

©2005 Wampus Multimedia.


all rights reserved



Arms of Kismet Winchester, Virginia

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Track Name: Auriculara (Listen to Me)
on a sidestep
you curled a snide lip
maybe it's high time
somebody looked you over
for bats in the belfry
or cats in the clover

as a sideline
we had a good time
but it's a fine line
between crazy and clever
waiting on providence
and pulling the lever

listen to me
come on and listen to me
after all that I've said
you must be --- in the head
but come on, listen to me

as a highlight
you took the spotlight
and for a fortnight
you were a media darling
soaring above it all
the flight of a starling

I can't abide this vertigo
spinning inside your radio
I'm calling out to you
Track Name: Outbound Train
southbound lane
slow roll to the union station
outbound train
new momentum is a sweet sensation

losing game
when outbound is the right decision
who's to blame
for a world that runs on fission
southbound lane
show me to your sweet soul garden
outbound train
so my heart won't harden

what's your name
brightly painted ingenue
outbound train
take me out to Timbuktu

what's your game
sweetly smiling ingenue
outbound train
down the valley into Timbuktu

hold on tight
look up to the sky
the sun's a mirror
for your eyes
Track Name: Clover
gonna catch a cab to Rosedale
and find my childhood home
gonna hop a bus to Rosedale
visit the places I've outgrown
find 'em on my TV set
or maybe on the Internet
look under every stone

gonna flag a plane to Rosedale
or crawl there on my knees
hop a high-speed train to Rosedale
or drag myself there on my knees
be a local boy made good
like they do in Hollywood
gonna do just what I please

I was born in clover
but as I grew
I found I did not have no roots

gonna find what I am missing
gonna look behind every door
when they talk I will be listening
even though my heart is sore
find the source of this duress
plot it on my GPS
home in on a cure

it wasn't over
that much I knew
and now I've got to find my roots

what's for dinner, momma
Track Name: Coil
in this uncertainty
hides a brighter, bluer day
that is what they say
but silence is security
if it keeps the wolves at bay
that is what they say

in synchronicity
lies a quiet ticking clock
a heart wrapped in a box
but silence is simplicity
if love is lost on talk
a heart locked in a box

to think that I
would tell you so
the snakes have eyes
in their mortal coil

I didn't mind being alone
when I was alone in you
I didn't find I missed my home
when I could atone in you

to think that I
would tell you so
the snakes have eyes
in their mortal coil

to fear that I
may never know
your railroad ties
firm against the soil

to pray that I
won't ever show
a fear to fly
o'er that wailing wall

to see that I
should know it's so
the snakes have eyes
in their mortal coil
Track Name: Life Imitates
frozen images
of fatal scrimmages
I am a voyeur
of pain and greed
color video
more than a curio
I am the monitor
of what you need

a noose around the neck
only more so
I watch you take a bullet
to the torso

life imitates, life imitates
life imitates death
even before the start
beside your beating heart
you were taking your last breath
in a moment, in a moment
living in the moment

tune into this dispatch
a new disease to catch
I am the doctor who
sends out goodbyes
hold on to this ideal
and order your final meal
I am the surgeon who
carves out your eyes

a pill under the tongue
we're all burning
to swallow it and
quench this yearning

life emulates love
the pain and loss and
life emulates love
reigning over all and

life emulates love
Track Name: Clarendon
I thought about it
I didn't doubt it
I held my heart out

I dreamed right through it
I found the will to do it
I wrapped my heart around it

I know you thought I would
and baby if I only could
I'd be flying to the sun
I'd be riding on the wind
that would carry Clarendon

when love trips up on reason
it's an ironic treason
left here with only lying

that pilot never sings
of the melting of his wings
a curse to dare to dream
Track Name: Cracks
I built a window
inside your eye
I set a clock to tick
on your insides
I gave priority
to all you wished
I fed your vanity

I pulled a baby
out of your hat
revived a dying dog
on your behalf
I interceded
in grave disputes
and that excited you

I wait until you come
from where you've been
and then I wait until
you leave again
I'll sit forever then
'til you come back
I'll watch the bones all slip
between the cracks

I see you in my yard
I watch you hide
I know you stumble when
there's no porch light
I hear you bark outside
my kitchen door
out by the garbage cans
Track Name: Pinnacle of Same
who was the optimist who said
you can't love living until you're dead
if it was me, hey, you're welcome
if it was me, what can I say
I started loving living
just yesterday

what were the famous last words said
as I lay dying upon that bed
were they 'only kindness matters'
or were they 'trust your heart'
or did I just expire
after saying only part

now the headlines in the paper
they come as no surprise
they call out with the latest
like the imminent sunrise

circles within circles
winding down a drain
I've risen to the heavens
my pinnacle of same

did Plato ever contemplate
a pinnacle of same
an epitome without surprise
an Everest of lame
did he ever write a dialogue
of a single perfect word
repeated for eternity

repeated momentarily
Track Name: Listen to You
listen to you
gotta listen to you
listen to you
gonna listen to you

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