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by Arms of Kismet

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From fractured Americana ("Cuckold of Titan," "Sepia Eyes") to beatbox hip-pop ("Karma Never Forgets," "Beautiful Career," "Standby"), Arms of Kismet paints new and abandoned genres in shades bright, soft and psychedelic. From updated '60s melodicism ("Hang," "Foldback") to new-breed alternative rock ("Are You My God," "Alive and Awake," "Sail Seven"), Eponymous is a canny synthesis of styles, a neo-"singer-songwriter" album more adventurous than confessional.

Written and produced by Mark Doyon (who released three CDs in the 1990s as Wampeters) and mastered by Jon Astley (Tori Amos, George Harrison, Pete Townshend), Eponymous mines existential terrain. Blending traditional instrumentation with atmospherics, samples and blips, it considers what it's like to be born and not know why, what it's like to know death awaits but not the hour of its arrival. Pitching a tent between the camps of Americana, hip-hop and classic rock, it summons a warm, analog vibe that sounds as natural in a coffeehouse as it does on a car radio.

It makes for toe-tapping, tragicomic rock 'n' roll.


"Eponymous is a classic, one of the first great discs of 2004." --Groovevolt

"Eponymous brims with an off-kilter wisdom and warped melodies, a treasure-trove of idiosyncratic rock and roll that will make you smile when it isn't busy making you think. More than just a collection of songs, this disc marks the coming of age of an original voice, and is not to be missed." --Jason Warburg, The Daily Vault

"Inspired song structure, thematic consistency and depth, excellent instrumentation, original and compelling lyrics, the human touch, rock tradition, songwriting superiority, vocal harmony, ironic smiles, America, sadness, beauty, and an enveloping sense of personal involvement and connection.... Anyone who likes Smog, P.J. Harvey, Dylan, Tom Petty, Lou Reed, Tom Waits, or any of the songwriting greats, will love this.... Wampus must now be one of the strongest indie labels in the country." --Fleabomb

"Eclectic is the first word that bursts into the brain as you listen to this adventurous work that dares to steer a bit left of the norm. The CD is as unique as it is refreshing, blending some dance backbeats, adult alternative grooves, and a twist of roots pop to complete the enjoyable cocktail. The vocals are delivered with a surprising gentleness and charisma, a wonderful example of what can happen when you cut across the grain and dare to be a bit different.... A valiant effort to help get pop music out of the rut it seems to be in lately, but Arms of Kismet treks through without even spinning the tires." --Rikks Revues

"Mark Doyon writes wry and intelligent songs about life, religion, and the ongoing pursuit of happiness. This collection of singular pop tunes includes one absolute classic (the powerful 'Are You My God') and several others ('Cuckold of Titan,' 'Sepia Eyes') that are nearly as good. Recommended for those who like their pop with a twist." --Norman Famous' Reviews


released January 30, 2004

©2004 Wampus Multimedia.


all rights reserved



Arms of Kismet Winchester, Virginia

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Track Name: Karma Never Forgets
there is no divine decree
says you have to calm the seas
we can't all be born in mangers
take stock of what you've got
it's not a lot but it is your lot
and there's a lot in life that's stranger
found money or a month's free rent
a windfall or an accident
it is visiting to own you
come time to pay the tax
if you're slicker than johnson wax
serendipity disowns you

'cause karma never forgets
an act of consequence
it's like an elephant
karma never forgets
to set up your blind date
with a femme fatale called fate

good fortune falls off the truck
and that cookie is not just luck
a corpse awakens at an Irish wake
and that is no mere lucky break

'cause karma never forgets
an act of providence
it's like an elephant
karma never forgets
to make you pay the fee
for a glimpse at destiny

grab a guitar and play
but it will play you, too, one day
'cause hey
turnabout's fair play

karma never forgets
intent that's good or ill
it overrules your will
karma never forgets
to aggregate the fee
for a stab at destiny
Track Name: Beautiful Career
Gabriel, sound the trumpet
the oracle is here
ain't nobody's strumpet
is selling pretzels and beer
with a little Leonard Cohen
a little Philip Glass
a little love and thievery
the past is never past

your guitar or your manager
is somebody your friend
on whom you can depend
who loves you

so I limp and I lurk
I leap and I leer
craning my neck
to see your beautiful career
with a little David Wilcox
a little Philip Glass
a little borrowed scenery
the past is never past

who loves you, baby
who loves you
and your beautiful career

the floor is strewn with clippings
droppings from the press
ink stains and snippings
it's anybody's guess
if it's you who they're extolling
or some cipher of love
sweet adulation, baby
pennies from above
Track Name: Alive and Awake
if we go broke in Kansas City
in Akron or Des Moines
we can jump into a fountain
go swimming with the coins

if we get heatstroke in Diego
we can sleep beneath a tree
if we get covered in a mudslide
we can go swimming in the sea

if we get sick in San Francisco
queasy from a quake
we can move the ocean inland
to the Great Salt Lake

let's go anywhere but here
and maybe
this world will disappear

and if we're driving through the desert
straight into Santa Fe
maybe we'll keep moving
or maybe we'll stay, that way

let's go anywhere but here
and maybe
this world will disappear
paint the side of the microbus
write 'alive and awake or bust'
and maybe
this world will disappear

paint the side of the microbus
shout 'alive and awake or bust'
and baby
this world will disappear
Track Name: Sail Seven
we were born to sail the world
sail it to its end
on the stars we could depend
we were born to drift the earth
letters home to send

screaming in the city, Babylon, Babylon
shattered hourglass from a suicide bomb
poison in the water, baby, poison in the air
echoes in the alley of a suicide prayer

we were born to touch the sky
touch it with these dreams
we were born to burst it at the seams
and now we stand by root-bound
grounded at the scene

fleeing from the city, Absalom, Absalom
finding what's right in a fear of what's wrong
drink to the departed, baby, drink to your health
every man, every woman, every child for himself

I know we can still do
just what we want to do
let's just not leave it hanging like we do

sailing to the island, Avalon, Avalon
sail across the ocean when the city is gone
fortify the galley, baby, fortify the will
dream of a life in a house on a hill
Track Name: Hang
climbed up on the bridge
and gazed at the water
one of those mindless sheep
or a lamb to the slaughter
what was in your mind
or was that out of reach
when they asked for your ID
and fished you off the beach

found your head in the oven
like a destiny manifest
collapsed upon the tile
awaiting your last breath
but nobody found you
morose and lying there
with nothing else to do
close to dying there

now tell me something

why do you laugh at everything
drop the rope
and let's just hang

so you got yourself a gun
like a faux Soprano
but you shot a rhododendron
when you couldn't get a handle

what were you thinking

sometimes things get weird
but sometimes it's just fear
dragging you down
Track Name: Cuckold of Titan
a lit cigarette in your hand
an old coffee stain on your pad
you surveyed a deep horizon
from a throne inside your head
from a lectern on a stage
from a peak far out of range
read the tablets on the mountain
wrote the words that filled the page

and you, you knew it was right
and you, you never gave up the fight
and you, you never lost track or sight
and that's good
so they made you
the cuckold of titan

one day they pulled a knife
like some unfaithful wife
and made somebody else their darling
just to complicate your life
now the twain won't ever meet
but you cannot accept defeat
will a posthumous ambition
light a coal that warms your nights

tastes change, tastes change

just a pilgrim on the road
writing from a bed of gloom
while trophies and their tarnish
fill the walls inside your room
Track Name: Foldback
are you wandering in the forest
are you lost among the trees
are you following the North Star
are you down upon your knees
did you dream about a morning
when you'd wake up in the sun
did you fall in love with yearning
for some long-awaited one

catch the light
that warms your back
trade a spark on the breeze
for a bright new tack
soak in the starlight
when time folds back
on you

will you stand there in the fire
and resist the urge to call
will you climb the highest wire
while they wait for you to fall

see it coming
see it coming down on you
see it coming right on through
Track Name: Standby
when I was a boy in school
there was a joy in every rule back then
and I was grateful
hanging on their every word
rendering the word absurd, my friend
but they were made to
I was a guileless fool
a little fish inside a pool

then I poured that wine for them
as I was inclined to, friend, back then
and I could taste it
squandering my every chance
that was how I learned to dance back then
it wasn’t wasted
tragicomic in my pain
I washed the wine right down the drain

but I will stand by you
as long as you want me to
the livelihood of loyalty
will help us pay the dues

then I picked that rose for them
like I was supposed to, friend, back then
and I could smell it
freedom with impunity
a golden opportunity back then
but who could tell it
hallucinating in the heat
I crushed the rose beneath my feet

keep my heart and hold my health
help me to forget myself
shed the trappings of my pride
show me how to breathe inside
Track Name: Are You My God
you can take down all your mirrors
I don't need them anymore
you can board up all your windows
all I need tonight's a door

are you my god

you can gather up your visions
and you can lock them in a drawer
you can box up your religion
I don't need it anymore
Track Name: Sepia Eyes
I saw the worlds pass
moments in an eyeglass
remnants of days past
known by no one
I dreamed of a flat line
stretching across time
a road with no road signs
except for the one

taxicabs on the streets
forgotten worlds beneath my feet

like those repros
of tintype photos
a moment when time froze
sepia eyes

I saw the angels
in the wishing well
but I couldn't tell
why they were there
life is a round line
stretching across time
throw them a thin dime
and then just stare

at the huddled sweethearts on the streets
remembered love at my feet

like those earthtones
written in sandstone
all of it unknown
sepia eyes

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